Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Nomination Committee Are Corrupt And Biased!!!

vgmaIn fact, Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Nomination Committee have exhibited another unexpected crass of discriminative behaviour towards the Ghana music industry which I think has reduced the prestige, honour and respect for their awards. I don’t really know what’s going on with the Vodafone Awards committee. To be very frank, I don’t know the corrupt criteria they use to nominate the artistes for the various awards.

First and foremost, I stand for correction if anything is wrong with this significant issue I am about to raise.

I have now realized the corrupt, preferential treatment and discriminative attitudes of the nomination committee with the same style of nomination demonstrated last year. The same old artistes in the same categories like that of last year. The lists of nominees were full of mistakes if they don’t know. What is VIP doing in the “Artiste Of The Year” category. Maybe, it’s their “Pampana” which won them that significant slot. I thought an Artiste Of the Year would be an artiste that had an album with at least two or three hit songs on it.

I don’t know why some people decide to bring the Ghana music industry into bane. How can the committee decide to dump Lousika’s “Get Money” into the gutters with the intention of satisfying their pocket and their preferred artistes and managers around them.

Lousika 2

And Fuse ODG’s “Antenna” in the “Song Of The Year” category?  Hmmmmm…Is it the original song or the remix featuring Wyclef?  If it’s the original, then why?  And if it’s the remix, when did he release it?  I have now seen that, maturity of a song in the public domain doesn’t count when it comes to nomination.

What’s going on? “Pizza & Burger” by Sarkodie and Jayso have been nominated in the “Best Collaboration Of The Year” category…Why?

Stay Jay
Stay Jay

Why is Stay Jay’s “My Baby” exempted from the “Hiplife Song Of The Year” list? Maybe, it was a mistake but such a mistake was intentionally committed. It’s true.

Where is Guru????????????

What else, M.anifest’s “Maka a Maka” is missing in the “Best Video Of The Year” category. The nomination committee haven’t watch that video before. PERIOD!!!!

And the worst of all, AJ Nelson, Jupiter, Kwesi Oteng, Kesse, Stonebouy, D3,Yaw Siki were not nominated in the “New Artiste Of The Year” category.

Now, this is the funny moment, Côte d’Ivoire’s DJ Arafat, Uganda and East Africa’s  finest Juliana Kanyomozi, Alicios of DR. Congo,Kidum of  Burundi and Bushoke of Tanzania were all missing out of the “African Artiste Of The Year” category. I ask them why? Are Nigerians the only African country recognized worldwide?

Juliana Kanyomozi
Juliana Kanyomozi

The case is simple!!! The Nomination Committee of this year’s Vodafone Awards are corrupt and biased. Their performance is below average. Nothing more.

Please watch this……….


A journalist, award-nominated blogger, music promoter and analyst, former headteacher, founder of Think Ghana Entertainment Media, owner of www.thinkghmusic.com, and founder of TGM Awards. I love spending more time with my family! WhatsApp me +233-246-446-047



About The Author

A journalist, award-nominated blogger, music promoter and analyst, former headteacher, founder of Think Ghana Entertainment Media, owner of www.thinkghmusic.com, and founder of TGM Awards. I love spending more time with my family! WhatsApp me +233-246-446-047

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  1. Fauzia Mulimira

    I wonder why in the category of best African artist of the year the nominees are all Men?? Do Women don’t sing??? There are alot of African Female singers who would have been in that Category forinstance Juliana Kanyomozi was recently crowned best female artist in East Africa in Kora Awards of 2012, and stil won a BEFFTA award UK beating the likes of D’banj, wizkid, Iyanya, Ice Prince etc… 2. Now to make matters worse Uganda’s and East Africa’s Finest Juliana Kanyomozi is still missing out on the Category of best female vocal performance…. I tell you non among the nominees of this particular category can beat Juliana vocally. I said non of them can beat her vocally… Check out her singles like I am ugandan, Omutima oguluma etc… Her voice is so so amazing And in the Category of best male vocal performance why is Kidum from Burundi missing out?? This guy has good vocals… So unfair were the nominations

  2. Peter Mpoza

    Why is Juliana kanyomozi missing out on the Category of best female vocal performance??? And where is AJ Nelson in the category of best New artist?? Where is Kidum on best male vocal performance??

  3. Zansanze Juliet kukiriza

    I think there is something wrong with the “African Artist of the year category”. PERIOD!!!!!. I expected Ugandan Juliana Kanyomozi to be norminated atleast for things to be fair or may be somewhere in vocal performance category coz her song Am Ugandan just gives out the perfect meaning of the word “vocal”. So unfair period.

  4. Sharifah lwanga

    Dats why africa will always stay behind.nw tell me which female vocalist in africa can surpass juliana kanyomozi?
    just crap!

    1. Think Ghana Music

      I don’t even know what’s wrong with them….especially in today’s world of technology where everything is seen clearly. Their nomination wasn’t transparent at all. Thanks for your comment

  5. George william ssemanda

    I think this is ageneral problem in Africa when it comes to awards for common mistakes which shld be even see at the start r normally what they over look who knws what ever they look for ??? But all i knw is that organisers of the awards tend to focus only on the artist of their interests both at nomination as well as awarding accoledes too bad that this affects the growth of the industry for many we fans of muisc we loose trust in such awards and also this discourages young talents from joining and more so do sub standard muisc after all its abt money !! Luck of independent , unself ,Technical teams during the selection and nomination is a great impact as to why African Music is not moving and shall nt move far from our boundries !!

  6. Aaron.

    There is no way Ugandan super diva & East African’s finest juliana kanyomozi’s would miss on the list of African Artiste of the year after flooring the likes of D’banj, Fally Ipupa & Whiz kid etc @ the BEFFTA. he

  7. Jamilah

    I Just wonder why Africans are so corrupt? Wake up and chose the right path of being true to real Talents, All I will is that Juliana Kanyomozi, AJ Nelson & Kidum are too good to miss out on the nomination list, not impressed at all with the list!

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