It’s very important that you know all the facts about your favourite artistes. We bring you all the tips and facts about Ghanaian, African and across the continent’s artistes. You have every right to challenge our facts if you think they are wrong by commenting below.

#‎ThinkFacts: Sarkodie has a total of 21 both local and international awards nominations. He has won 16 including BET and has 4 albums to his credit.

#‎ThinkFacts: The shortest song in the world, “you suffer” is just 1.316 seconds long, sung by the British grindcore band “Napalm Death”.

#‎ThinkFacts: There is a neurological condition called “Synesthesia” in which a patient can actually see, smell and taste lyrics while listening to music.

#‎ThinkFacts: 50 Cent has vowed to feed 1 billion hungry Africans over the next 5 years.

#‎ThinkFacts: Eminem repeated the 9th grade 3 times before
dropping out of school.

#‎ThinkFacts: “Money can’t buy life” were the final words said by Bob Marley to his son Ziggy on his death bed.

#‎ThinkFacts: Tic Tac has won 11 GMA awards, including “Musician of the Year” in 2004. He received a record of 9 GMA nominations in 2005.

#‎ThinkFacts: Both Jay Ghartey and Chase were actually rappers at the begining of their career. Only Jay Ghartey still remains singer and rapper.

#‎ThinkFact: Tinny has been nominated 9 times by the Ghana
Music Awards but won only 1-“New Discovery in 2004”

#‎ThinkFacts: ‘Highlife’ music originated in Ghana in the 20th century and spread to Sierra Leone, Nigeria and among other West African countries, by 1920.

#‎ThinkFacts: Wizkid refused to perform “Time Bomb” with Samini at Ghana Meets Naija concert because there’s a beef between Samini and R2bees, a source suggests.

#‎ThinkFacts: Ice Prince has never won any award at the NMA & NEA. Yet, he had managed to win BET award this year.

#ThinkFacts: In 2009, Coolio attempted to stage dive, the crowd parted, nobody caught him and let him crash to the floor. As he lay there in obvious pain, the crowd mugged him, stealing his watch, gold chain, sunglasses and one shoe.

#‎ThinkFacts: Dapo Daniel Oyebanjo a.k.a D’banj has a total of 13 awards both local and international including NMA, MTV, Channel O, BET, MOBO and KORA awards.

#‎ThinkFacts: The BET Award Trophy was inspired by three words-aspire,ascend, achieve. The BET Award Trophy was designed by artiste/sculptor Carlos Mare 139 Rodriguez. OutKast won the first BET award.

#‎ThinkFacts: Beyoncé and Destiny Child have the highest BET nominations so far with 40 each.

#‎ThinkFacts: Godfather of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone has five albums. On his first three albums, he used the word “Say or Said” for the albums titles.

#‎ThinkFacts: Sarkodie has a total of 15 both local and international awards nominations. He has won 11 including BET and has 4 albums to his credit.

#‎ThinkFacts: Chase was really a rapper at the begining of his career. He recently changed from rapping to singing. He won award with his first singing single “Lonely” this year.

#‎ThinkFacts: Michael Dwamena’s “Ice Cream Man” hit many music charts in Zimbabwe. Jay Ghartey’s “My Lady Remix” hit many charts in Uganda and Kenya. Fuse ODG’s “Azonto” was very popular in Nigeria. But, none of these songs have won an award.

#‎ThinkFacts: On April 3rd, 2012, R2bees described Vodafone Ghana Music Awards as “A joke, fraudulent and not credible” after they failed to win any award with their popular single ‘Ajeei’.

#‎ThinkFacts: Michael Dwame died in 2008 and won GMA’s “Highlife Song of the Year” with his popuplar single ‘Ngozi’ in 2009.

#‎ThinkFacts: Daddy Lumba has over 25 albums.

#‎ThinkFacts: AJ Nelson is the first Brong Ahafo (B.A) rapper. He has been nominated twice by YFM’s “Loud In GH” awards, 4syte Music Video Awards but failed to win any nomination at the just ended VGMA with his popular “Faith” video.

#‎ThinkFacts: Shatta Wale lost 6,000 followers on twitter within 4hours just after he started dissing Charter House this year. He initially had 9,000 followers.

#‎ThinkFacts: As at now, Sarkodie has the highest number of fans on Facebook with 336,910 likes followed by Jay Ghartey with 245,742 likes. None of their pages have been verified.

#‎ThinkFacts: Jay Ghartey was the first Ghanaian-American to win an award at the GMA. He won the “Best Video Of The Year” with ‘My Lady’ from his ‘Shining Gold’ album in 2010. The same video was nominated in 2011 and Gerald his director won the ‘Best Directing Of The Year Award’

#‎ThinkFacts: ‘Chief G and the Tribe’ was
one of the first rap groups in Ghana consisting of Chief G now known as Jay Ghartey, Abeeku and Kwaku T.

#‎ThinkFacts: Reggie Rockstone actually hit the limelight in 1994.

#‎ThinkFacts: Preachers are the first gospel rappers to win award at the Ghana Gospel Music Awards. They won the “Discovery of the Year” in 2012.

#‎ThinkFacts: Shatta Wale has never performed “Dancehall King” on any major stage and yet it’s more popular than many songs performed on major stages in and outside GH.

#‎ThinkFacts: The real full name of famous African-American rapper Akon is actually ‘Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiamin’.

#ThinkFacts: In 2010, Jay Ghartey managed to use only two local
phrases “Me Do Wo” and “Me kכ aba nansa yi a ooo!” and two pidgin “E no easy” and “I dey ooo!” in his entire “Shining God” album. The rest of his lyrics were slang.

#ThinkFacts: Sarkodi has the highest feature in the Ghana music history with more than 35 across the world.

#‎ThinkFacts‬: Mozart, a famous music composer of the 18th century composed a song titled “Lick Me in the Ass”.
#‎ThinkFacts‬: On 30th Aug., 2008, ghanamusic.com listed Samini, Mzbel, Kontihene, Czar, Alhaji Sidiku Buari, Obour, Reggie Rockstone, Kokovelli, Tinny and Diana Hopeson as the “TOP 10 MOST HATED GH MUSICIANS”.
#‎ThinkFacts‬: There is a neurological condition called “Synesthesia” in which a patient can actually see, smell and taste lyrics while listening to music.

#ThinkFacts: In 2010, Kwaw Kese and Blakk Rasta launched insults on the GMA organizers. Kwaw Kese described 2010 GMA “as fishy and biased” .BlackRasta on the other hand publicly called it, “the biggest insult to Ghanaian music.”

#‎ThinkFacts‬: In 1966, Beatles stopped touring for live concert because their fans screamed so loud that their music could not be heard.

#ThinkFacts: Shatta Wale has the highest mixtape in Ghana and Africa probably. He has more than 350 mixtapes.

#ThinkFacts: Bob Marley’s father was a white English man, who was 60 years old when he impregnated the singer’s black African mother- who was only 18.