Talking to Kelvin Da Finest-Nigerian Rising Star!~!

Kelvin da Finest

ThinkGhMusic-Who is Kelvin da Finest and did you get your beginning in the music industry?

Kelvin-Kelvin Williams aka Kelvin da Finest is a Nigerian music artist, I began years ago back in the city of Lagos, when I use to perform with some matured artistes as a back up singer, I took some courses for established music artists in the industry.

ThinkGhMusic-Where do you come from?

Kelvin-My family came from Delta State in Nigeria but I was born and I grew up in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

ThinkGhMusic-Tell me a little about you and your family?

Kelvin-My father died when I was very young and my mother died March 27, 2010. I have 3 sisters and a half-brother, we are orphans now.

ThinkGhMusic-Who is your inspiration and how do they inspire you?

Kelvin-My inspirations come from the artistes I grew up listening to their songs like R Kelly, Joe, Aliyah, Bob Marley, Celine Dion, and Majek Fashek they have all inspired with their lyrics, rhymes and delivery.

ThinkGhMusic-Any tips for future musicians trying to make it in today’s music industry?

Kelvin-Future musicians should work hard and don’t be discouraged when things don’t happen when they think they should, stay focused and stay determined to succeed, 9ice said in one of his songs the music industry is full of pythons.  You have to be prayerful in all of your decisions about your career.

ThinkGhMusic-What genre of music do you consider your music?

Kelvin-Because I have the ability to diversify with my music I would consider myself to cross genres of music and those would be Classic R&B, Afro Hip-Hop and Soul Music.

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ThinkGhMusic-What does “Ododo” mean to you and why did you write it?

Kelvin-Ododo simply means flower in my language, and it is used as a metaphor or expression for a beautiful lady, I was talking about my love for my lady in the song.

ThinkGhMusic-What can we look forward to in the near future from you?

Kelvin-Greatness in my music, awards for my music and efforts and a good life.

ThinkGhMusic-Where do you see yourself in the music industry in 5 years?

Kelvin-In 5 years time I want to be on top of my game and be known and awarded for my music, I want to work towards nominations for awards especially the Grammy award and to be known all over the world as a music legend.

ThinkGhMusic-I thank you for your time and I wish you all the best in your quest for success…God bless you always!~!

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A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine

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