Reggie N Bollie loses out on X Factor 2015 finale


Ghana’s Reggie N Bollie placed second in this year’s X Factor music reality show as they lost to Louisa Johnson.

The duo who were considered as favourites could not win the ultimate prize at the event held at Wembley arena.

Before the finals, English business magnate, media personality and political adviser, Lord Sugar, had described ‘Reggie N Bollie’ as a group of no talent.

In series of tweets, the Chairman of Amshold Group stated that the duo’s qualification to the finals of The X Factor music reality show is absurd.

According to him, the competition was a singing contest to find a special talent but Reggie N Bollie were clowns. He asserted that Reggie N Bollie make the X-factor a farce.

Some Ghanaians were under the impression that the duo had embarrassed themselves by taking part in a talent competition when they are well known in Ghana.

Reggie and Bollie made strides in Ghana early 2000s with their individual hit songs. In 2004, rapper Bollie released You May Kiss Your Bride on Hammer’s compilation while Reggie, known as Reggie Zippy, had Virgin, For Sale and Adoma.

They have been living in the UK with their families for the past five years

There were performances from Coldplay, Adele, One Direction and the finalists of X Factor.

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