P.K Boadi wins AGMA’s “Discovery of the year 2012”

P. K Boadi

P. K Boadi

Amongst such household names as Sonnie Badu, Muyiwa Olarewaju and others; Kingsley Boadi (alongside Zimbabwean Prosper Mateva) is yet another gospel artist crowned with the Discovery of the Year title by AGMA 2012 …

AGMA – Africa Gospel Music Association – a face and voice for African gospel music community worldwide was founded in 2009. Born to promote Gospel music scene, AGMA produces music awards annually in an attempt to recognize Africa’s most talented and hardworking Gospel artistes. The annual music awards ceremony is an event desired by the public, respected by the artists and recognized by such institutions as Premier Gospel Radio, Voice of Africa Radio 94FM, MoneyGram and others willingly sponsoring AGMA’s endeavours.

Born in Ghana, Kingsley Boadi better known as PK Boadi received the ‘Discovery of the Year’ award for representing the UK music scene at AGMA 2012. As profound as it is – this most recent of Kingsley’s accomplishments remains one of many to date.

Although AGMA discovered PK this year, his contribution began many years ago. He travelled throughout Ghana teaching on worship, faith and salvation. In his motherland also, Boadi held many youth conferences and was ordained a pastor in 2003. Musically, he became the praise and worship leader for the West African region and released his debut album “Yesu Mo (Thank You Jesus)” in 2006.

Fortunately, what began in Ghana in those days did not end there. Boadi’s passion for God and music opened doors for him to several African nations including Ivory Coast, Togo, and Benin and finally also to the UK in 2008. Since then, many UK choirs were built with PK’s help; and many artists including Sonnie Badu, Allen Burton Caiquo and Atta Boafo joined forces with him.

Kingsley – the musician writes lyrics, sings, plays various musical instruments and leads worship. Currently, Music Pastor for the House of Faith (UK), he is also a founder of ‘PK Boadi Royalsoundz’ – group of young and musically talented people who share PK’s passion for the Maker and the music.

Paradoxically, young Kingsley was the least expected person to glorify Him. Although born into a Christian home PK admits to being a stubborn child. In his rebellion he left home early and became involved in diamond trade, which although genuine did nothing to encourage his walk towards God.

Kingsley enjoyed freedom from financial worries and boundaries imposed on his peers; yet along with those “limitations” all refuge was removed causing unrest for the young mind. Nevertheless, his “get rich or die trying scheme” had taken hold of Kingsley’s soul causing him to seek a ‘protection’ covenant from a fetish priest. Having met with one, he was told to purchase ritual items and come back the next day. Little did Kingsley know that his agenda postponed due to a weekend transport failure was about to be confronted when after an intense and unusual ‘spiritual visitation’ Kingsley decided to visit church.

His arrival there turned the service upside down. People he sat next to stood up and changed their seats. All eyes became filled with suspicion. Kingsley was popular for all the wrong reasons and folks had no doubt that his presence in the temple was for no other purpose, but… to cause trouble. “OK. I am not here because of you, people…” Kingsley thought. Although, when the preacher started preaching condemnation the young man began having second thoughts.

The animosity continued, yet something profound began to take place when the preacher started confronting Kingsley’s agenda to enter into an agreement with the priest. The message was simple “If you go there again, you will never come back…,” Kingsley shares. For the first time Boadi became afraid of dying…, and on that same Sunday gave himself to Christ.

The rest is history…

Today, people are no longer suspicious of Kingsley’s motives for coming to church. Boadi is known as a man of excellence and his legacy continues to grow and inspire, which surely is a picture very different to the one painted by his tainted past.

Earlier this year, the second album of PK Boadi “MY VoW” was released. Containing thirteen dynamic and unprecedented praise and worship songs, it spreads most vital message of hope and redemption…


A journalist, award-nominated blogger, music promoter and analyst, former headteacher, founder of Think Ghana Entertainment Media, owner of, and founder of TGM Awards. I love spending more time with my family! WhatsApp me +233-246-446-047



A journalist, award-nominated blogger, music promoter and analyst, former headteacher, founder of Think Ghana Entertainment Media, owner of, and founder of TGM Awards. I love spending more time with my family! WhatsApp me +233-246-446-047


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