This is the authentic, true and confirmed interview with the young and vibrant rapper, Nana Kwasi 99k Bylon. This interview was conducted last week to seek the true nature of Nana Kwasi. So far, he has dropped two hit singles this year such as “Bo” featuring Kesse and “Tribute To Africa”. We decided publish the interview in two parts due to the length. Let’s talk to him……

Nana Kwesi
Nana Kwesi

Think Ghana Music: Hi Nana Kwasi

Nana Kwesi: Hello big David.

Think Ghana Music:  How are you today?

Nana Kwesi: Couldn’t be any better until you popped up here….I must be a star…. I am great by his mercies. I hope you are too brethren.

Think Ghana Music: Fine. Now tell me, who is Nana Kwesi?

Nana Kwesi: To start with the name is Nana Kwesi and the moniker is 99k…say for short. Nana Kwesi is just a simple down to Earth Ghanaian artiste who likes to preach to the world through music and when I say preach, I don’t mean the gospel….I mean spit good inspirational vibes to the people who have ears to listen.

Nana Kwesi is the artiste who had always sounds like a poet in your ears, who hits on your worries and gives you hope to that cut through your worries through music. The artiste that ignites you when you are dull in the heart and makes you laugh, when you totally forgot how it happened.

I am majorly a rapper. I love to play with words; metaphors and all the figures of speech which I make them relatate, rhyme and paint a picture always in your head. Aside rapping, Nana kwesi does some real good singing too

Think Ghana Music: Where is your place of birth and your ethnic background?

Nana Kwesi: The late Nana Okai Ababio II once chief of “Senfi-Bekwai” of the Ashante region and Madam Felicia Asaa Byarko of “Kyebi Amanfrom” of the Eastern region” begot me that makes me half Ashante, half Akyem…full Akan…full Ghanaian..and a true African.

But I was born here in Accra and have lived almost all my life so far in Accra, even though I have done some travels. I’ve be been in Accra more than anywhere on earth.

Think Ghana Music: Can you tell us something about your education background?

Nana Kwesi : I attended elementary and Junior high school here in Accra at Ann’s Preparatory School and Police Academy Depot School. After JSS (Now J.H.S), I continued at St. Peters Secondary School at Kwahu Nkwatia where I offered Pure Science. Then after, to Zenith University College where I branched into Business but currently aside Music, I do customized art works; pencil work and paintings at a unisex salon which also has a tattooing and piercing centre called DE DRAFT around Abavana Swag park, Kotobabi.

I also write stories informs of movies and series which by Gods grace I will follow after my album lunch.

Think Ghana Music: When did you start your musical career?

Nana Kwesi: Let me say, all I know is I’ve loved music all my life. My father per say was a music lover. Every morning he plays music. Sometimes, while everyone is doing his or her chores and I do my small portion of my chores at home, I would always be singing along and try to compose my own.

Ever since I learnt how to talk, I guessed the next for was to start singing and playing with words. Am that kid/person who always has a lot of friends around me

Think Ghana Music: Which year did you officially enter the music industry and what was your debut single or album?

Nana Kwesi Am that little curious boy who asks questions a lot and never forget my answers. Through J.H.S, I was known the best rapper in school and likewise S.H.S. By then my name was Bylon and when I won the best rapper title on campus, they added Sean to my name in school. In high school was when I really discovered how big I am. I’ve been running away from it for a long time and then it just keeps chasing me and hunting me to come back to it.

Think Ghana Music: So you were part of Hammer’s guys right?

Nana Kwesi Yeah. I was supposed to have an album with hammer by now but for some reasons it didn’t happen. My tracks on that album were “Naanoo” and “Crying” with Okra. “Naanoo” was known everywhere but I never performed any of my songs anywhere and never shot a video for it as well though the song made a good name. I have hidden my face for a long time because I felt I wasn’t really ready. By then I had other things I was attending to and didn’t attend much to my music. But now, I am tired of running from my future and now am in to stay showing my face everywhere. I am ready for Ghana, Africa and the world.

Think Ghana Music: So, Hammer first gave you the exposure right?

Nana Kwesi Yea

Think Ghana Music: What’s your record label?

Nana Kwesi At the moment am working with Gh Brothers.

Thank you for following this interview. The final part will be out soon.

Interview by David Mawuli, Think Ghana Music

A journalist, award-nominated blogger, music promoter and analyst, former headteacher, founder of Think Ghana Entertainment Media, owner of, and founder of TGM Awards. I love spending more time with my family! WhatsApp me +233-246-446-047



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A journalist, award-nominated blogger, music promoter and analyst, former headteacher, founder of Think Ghana Entertainment Media, owner of, and founder of TGM Awards. I love spending more time with my family! WhatsApp me +233-246-446-047

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