Koo Ntakra (@Koo_Ntakra) – Abusua (Prod. by Hype Lyrix)


Off Koo Ntakra’s “Akuaba” album comes this song he calls “Abusua” produced by the mighty Hype Lyrix! “Abusua” is simply the Akan way of saying family; and the word “Abusua” is most times describing the extended family as far as it can reach. This is a song most people can relate to because it’s a situation most young Ghanaian men and women face when on the quest of looking for greener pastures just to make his or her family live a good life. In this context, the family expects so much from the person who has taken a step further in life and looking for ways to make life a bit comfortable for everybody.

According to Koo Ntakra’s story, whiles he is out there going through the thick and thin to get something to send home, the family is misusing the small he sends back home with the notion that it is all well with him and probably living a life of a millionaire. Above all these, they still expect more from him and everyone seems to look at his direction when they need something. This is a very common situation in Ghana and most travelers can relate to this song.

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