Editorial: Sarkodie is not Joy FM’s co-equal


Sarkodie got the week started ‘on heat’ with slamming tweets against JOY FM, an Accra based radio station. The BET awarding winning rapper accused the radio station for inaccurately reporting an interview he granted another radio station, Hitz FM, also in Accra. The ace rapper alleged the reported account as absolute “lies” targeted at gaining “traffic” and went further to attack the station’s brand by expressing his utter lost of respect for them. Heaps of indictments against a private radio station if you ask me. And for an article published by a website cropped out of an interview by a different radio station.

What’s more confusing is that the article reported verbatim account of what Sarkodie said in the radio interview on Hitz FM. The publication headlined “I have come of age so I don’t just grant interviews – Sarkodie” actually had precise reports of the interview quoting Sarkodie as he said ‘he does not readily grant interviews because he is now grown.’So if the report corresponds vividly with the article on the website, what could have provoked Sarkodie’s rather unnecessary bashing? Is Joy FM responsible for materials published on myjoyonline.com?sarkcess Truth be told, Sarkodie is being petty and quibbling over mere semantics. He must reconstitute his communication team as soon as possible because his communication is being run terribly.There are procedures to follow when an artist feels the media has misrepresented his position. Public relations machinery around artistes maintains cordial relationship with the media so that communication flow will be two way and accurate. Joy FM could easily sue Sarkodie for his inflammatory remarks against their brand on twitter, instead of the rapper just following due procedures to address his grievances. Why wasn’t any rejoinder issued to Joyonline.com (original publishers of the said article) when the alleged false publication was detected? Therein, Sarkodie could have saved himself from all the preceding public disgust against his unruly behavior.  

Is Sarkodie a bigger brand than Joy FM? Can his purported “dropped of respect from 100 to 0” for Joy FM in anyway affect the station’s listenership rating or brand? In fact, considering the fact that Joy FM’s success as one of the first private radio stations in Ghana saw the birth of Adom FM, a station where Sarkodie was first discovered and nurtured as a rapper. Sarkodie got core fans for his rap talent via Adom FM because the station stood by him till he got broader recognition as an artiste worth investing in.

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Sarkodie and late Komla Dumor
Sarkodie and late Komla Dumor

Fast-forward the late ace broadcaster, Komla Dumor was very influential in spreading the news about Sarkodie’s music across Africa and even at the BBC. And since Komla began his broadcasting career at Joy FM, its absolutely disrespectful for Sarkodie to go on rant rampage on twitter with abject indiscretion, without basic checks of facts and source of the report. You don’t bite the hand than feeds you, because its your own hand.

My advise to Sarkodie is that, he has a great musical career and currently he is the biggest act in Ghana but he must work according to procedures. Our elders say, ‘ a village does not lack a beautiful girl’. He is our biggest musical export but he must not abuse that privilege to his detriment. And he must note that these same elders of ours say again that ‘if a child insists on carrying his father on the head, testicles will definitely cover his eyes’

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