JFlect Talks About Music, His Family and the Future!~!

ThinkGhMusic-When talking with Mick Chinedu a.k.a Jflect you can feel the passion he has for his music, family and his country in the way he speaks and the way his music speaks for him.  Learn all about him here and how he feels on certain issues…

Jflect-My name is Ordu Victor Chinedu Stage name: Jflect. Music Genre: Hip Pop/Rap, Afro Pop/Beats, Reggae, RnB and Dance Hall.  Address: Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. Phone number: 08161680352. I began my singing career at the age of six by joining the local church choir where I play base guitar for the choir, I started participating in various local talent shows, they call me Edu break dance because I dance like Robot. I am from a lovely family, there are 6 children-2 boys and four girls.  My father is a fashion designer and my mother is a teacher, although they never had much money raising us we were a happy family. My father was the type that loved music when he was a child so he supported me by giving me guide lines on how to achieve my goals in life. l can always remember my mother saying to me son keep the chase up you’re more than who you think you are. As a family sometimes when we are all together we come together and compose songs, I can’t do without my family they are there for me always through everything. My inspiration comes from many things, God being first, my family and popular musicians that I listen to like Usher, Chris Brown, Adele, Mr. West and so many others, and lastly my environment inspires me.  When I sit down to compose a new song I will pray and ask God for His direction, wisdom and understanding because I put Him first with everything and when I call upon Him He always hears and answers my prayers.  My family are like my editors whenever I am composing a song I have it in my mind that I want to compose a song that will move their hearts, so I do my very best to create a song that will impress them with the research and effort that I put into creating any new song I make before I drop it. I have several mentors or role models if you will in the music industry and watching them and their achievements gives me hope for myself and other musicians in the music industry.  One of my mentors is Chris Brown and the way he dances I watch his moves, Adele is my R&B role model,  Bob Marley with his musical patterns inspire my own music, he is my music godfather, and there are so many popular musicians that I continue to watch, study and learn from them. From a child until today I have never stopped singing and dancing.  I believe in the future ahead of me and with focus, faith and belief I will and all those striving will make it.  To make it in the music industry today is very hard but if you come out with something different and new and far better than everyone knows putting in the hard work we will all get to where we want to be. One day as I was composing a song I tried different genres to see if I could come up with one that made sense, that’s when I wrote “Walk Away” which is a combination of R&B and Dance Hall. Amongst all the songs I have done “Black Man Code” is my best, in this song I was sending a message that talked about Africa.  In my country a real man is one who ventures out to other countries for greener pastures and comes back home with his gatherings to build his own country, but these days it is not like that, they will travel and forget their own country.  Even when you send them a letter that their parents are ill they will not come home. In writing the song I was trying to bring the message that we should bring back our culture, our code and working together through encouragement as one country.  I have so many surprises for everyone coming up in the near future that I will unleash on everyone.  I am working on a song titled “Immortal Love” which talks about so many aspects of the love life…watch out for it coming. In the next five years I see myself as the most popular and talented musician with qualities and awards. Thanks and God bless.

ThinkGhMusic-Thank you for a well written article I and everyone will be looking forward to hearing more from you.  God bless you in your quest for success!~!

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A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of www.thinkghmusic.com and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine



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A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of www.thinkghmusic.com and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine

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