Editorial: If I were a beat, I will never bend in front of Obrafour to pick my bathing soap

obrafuor red eyeSong Review: ‘aboa onni dua’ Obrafour ft Red Eye

You are lucky reading this post because I would have loved to go really dirty and deep in my review of this song. But I can’t. I don’t own this site. No we’re not coming to review a love song. It’s a straight up tight, hardcore Ghanaian hiplife (local hiphop) piece by one of Africa’s finest local dialect lyricist, Obrafour. Fresh from the streets of Accra.

I know, I know. You are still wondering what’s this guy talking about?

Rap has nothing to do with shagging and its not cool Kelly, don’t say that. Well you obviously don’t have the kind of mind that I possess. I entreat you to sow a thanksgiving seed in church next Sunday and appreciate your maker because you’re free from beddable mental dirt. Now lets go on and talk about the song.


Produced by one member of the inert hiphop group, 2Toff. Nature (Red Eye) is pure talent. From his ‘strict’ west coast hip hop background, dude has been holding the game down with his wicked beats and tight rap verses. The song titled ‘aboa onni dua’ is a true definition of the distinctive hiplife we all miss back in the late 1990s.

Intro was very catchy with the weirdest blast of horns followed by a recreation of a typical no nonsense Ghanaian farmer looking for his stray animals. The percussion was solid and precise with loose bass surprising you from time to time.

Now lets talk about when Obrafour penetrated the first round. Solid, strong and firm. Nothing could stop him. From his light preluded intro and a mild caress of the chorus, he just vibrated through the tissue walls of the beats. You could practically feel the tension as the beat moans in ecstasy. Obrafuor is the finest beat shagging machine in the whole of Africa. It was a brutish affair as he pulled out and then Red Eye went in with his hard rhymes. Different strokes of voice textures. Deep into the core of the song, he suddenly climaxes.

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You can feel the disappointment on the face of the beat as it breathes out heavily in anticipation for more. Obrafour came in again with his gentle caressing chorus as he brushes the edges but of course, he was wobbling and couldn’t maintain any rigidity.

This is just a song preview. If you were thinking about something else, you need help.


“Aboa onni dua” is a Twi saying which translates as “God aids tailless animals” saw the rapper hit hard at haters for the first time since his famous comeback. You need to hear this one!

Obrafour-Aboa-Onni-Dua-Feat.-Red-Eye-Prod.-by-Nature-Thinkghmusic.com_.mp3 (8929 downloads)
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