Ian Jazzi (@IanJazzi) – Non Believer (Prod. By Jae Milla)

Ian Jazzi - Non Believer

Hip-Hop artist, Ian Jazzi has released a record he calls – Non Believer, a supposed track to set the record straight on who is really who when it comes to rap and Hip-Hop in Ghana.

He bigs up M.anifest for putting Sarkodie in his rightful place as nothing more than a hype MC but also goes on to say that M.anifest himself is not a god MC. That title is hype just like another rapper also claiming he’s the best African rapper.

Ian Jazzi posted a verse on his Instagram on last Thursday night;

Heard a bossy rapper’s bragging had a couple others tripping / Claiming godmc’s jacking Jayz’s hovin’ / I’m just saying / never hating / But I won’t be hesitating setting all the records straight when the names needs mentioning… / And puzzle all these cynics w the truth that they been missing / I’m just saying … / Two of these rappers couldn’t rap after my verse on a track / Two of these rappers swagger jacked just to get a good start / but it’s ok / I’ll file that under inspiration / we all borrow / but pray you gave to Caesar what is Caesars cuz his Vengeance so cold make you call sweet Jesus / Or whoever your god is / got you hoping that he answers / It’s scary what I’m spitting got these four rappers shaking / the game is about to get lit like a furnace / you can’t take the heat get the fork out the kitchen / And me I’ve been cheffing / Ever since Adisco / we don’t run, we fall INN/ Wherever, whatever, we ready to do is / Ian Jazzi in the building !!! #OKK 👌🏾

A photo posted by Ian Jazzi (@realianjazzi) on Jun 30, 2016 at 1:19pm PDT

… Same day god MC dropped indicating he’s a call out to four rappers. Even though it’s clear he’s referenced three rappers on ‘Non Believer’ which are M.anifest, Sarkodie and E.L, the fourth rapper according to him lies in the third verse of his track.

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Take a listen for yourself here.

DOWNLOAD: Ian Jazzi – Non Believer (Prod. By Jae Milla)

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