Get Familiar With Rising Ghanaian Gospel Artist; Louisa

Louisa Annan was born to Nzema parentage in Accra during the teething years of the 80s revolution. At a very tender age, due to the extreme economic hardships Ghana was experiencing both parents sojourned to London for greener pastures. As the most likely choice, together with her senior sister, she was sent to live with her maternal grandmother in Takoradi when her parents made true their decision to make London their new home.

Louisa IShe attended Top Ridge and later transferred to Young Christian’s Preparatory School and Junior Secondary School. She advanced to Archbishop Porter’s Secondary after JSS. Her time at Porter’s was cut short when her parents decided to let her join them in London.

In London, she continued and completed her secondary education at Trinity Catholic High and gained admission to Portsmouth University where she studied Pharmacy. She acquired a master’s degree in the discipline with which she is in active practice as a Pharmacist.

Her Christian values, which has brought her this far was cultivated under the eagle eyes of her grandmother and auntie, besides the expert tutelage of Pastor T. K. Mensah.

Her musical talent came to the fore at around six years of age when she used to sing duet with her elder sister in the ministry of the afore mentioned man of God. It is a God given talent, which has taken her through thick and thin. There were times in her life when all the bridges that makes life worthwhile seems to have been dynamited by any available possibilities.

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However, it was the joy of singing and ministering the word of God, which lifted the burden in her life and repaired the detonated bridges.

LouisaAfter getting married to her sweetheart and having been blessed with two adorable kids it became imperative for her to give praise and glory to the Lord who has made all this possible. And nothing could have made it more appropriate than using the icing on top of the blessing he has showered on her.

Her debut album ‘Thank You Lord’ says it all.

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