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TGM-Who is Yomade and how did you get your beginning in the music industry?

Yomade-Iluyomade Eniola Idowu, known as Yomade is an upcoming recording artist, performer, entertainer and a song writer. I started my music career at a tender age (14 years) I wrote my first line at the age of six which I wrote a song for my mom. I recorded my first single in 2011 named “Mafimile” (A cover of Chris Brown single “Don’t Wake Me Up”) at a studio called Vortex Revolution studio at Okota. I have four singles to my credit, I am not signed to any record label yet but expecting a record label deal soon because of my creativity that I put in my performance son stage and my music.

TGM-Where do you come from?

Yomade-I live in Lagos State, Nigeria, I come from Ondo state, Ondo town, Nigeria.

TGM-Tell me a little about you and your family?

Yomade-I come from a good and lovely family, a family of seven and I am the last born. I lost my mother on the 26 of July 2005 few days after his birthday. I also lost my father on the 16 of February 2014.

TGM-Who is your inspiration and how do they inspire you?

Yomade-My father was and always will be my inspiration, he always let me know that I can do all things through God and achieve anything that I work hard to do.

TGM-Any tips for future musicians trying to make it in today’s music industry?

Yomade-Always put your best effort into what you are doing and believe in what you are doing and always bring God with you on the ride.

TGM-What genre of music do you consider your music?

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Yomade-My music is Afro, Afro-Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Reggae also.

TGM-What does this song “Irawo” mean to you and why did you write it?

Yomade-“Irawo” is a love song it’s a kind of song that will make you feel your loved ones when they are not around. I wrote this song because I was missing someone very much at that moment.

TGM-What can we look forward to in the near future from you?

Yomade-In the nearest future I believe that my music will touch the world, I always make sure that I put out the right songs for my fans at the best time for they love my family.

TGM-As a musician, how do you feel giving back to your community who support you is important?

Yomade-I will work hard to make my community a better place by coming up with programs for the youth to have something to do besides be on the streets.  I want them to stay in the right lane of life instead of doing things they shouldn’t for the youth of today will and are ready to do anything for money.

TGM-Where do you see yourself in the music industry in 5 years?

Yomade-In five years time I see myself in a bigger and better place than now, having a greater impact in the music industry as a whole and I pray I am at the top of the industry.

TGM-Thank you for your time Yomade I wish you all the best in your quest for success…God bless you always!~!

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A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of www.thinkghmusic.com and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine



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A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of www.thinkghmusic.com and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine

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