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West B Denis

I was born in Kampala City, Uganda to Anna Musoke and Denis Ssenkayi in 1989.  My birth name is Denis Kigula and my stage name is West B Denis.  My Mum passed when I was 3 years old and my Father passed when I was 17 years old, I was in form 4 school when my Father passed.  Through the early ages I lived with several different relatives, and I spent a whole year out of school.  I was a street child during this time trying to gain money to go back to school, that’s how I met the son of my Father’s brother who is called Saimon Mukasa.  He told me that he would pay the money for me to go back to school so that I could finish my classes.  I then went into Kitebi Secondary school in form 5 I had some trouble in form 5 because I was from the streets and got into a little trouble.  When I went into Form 6 I joined a group called YAMP (Young Associates with the Missionaries of the Poor).  We would sing in church, dance, help in feeding the disabled and we went for prayers and that is where I started getting my interest in music.  I would sing at school for the students and teachers and that is where I started to get recognized for my music.  During the holidays I would go back to Kisenyi ghetto to look for school fees from the metal scraps my brother loved to collect, I left the streets and moved in with him.  YAMP and my brother helped me with some of my fees so I could save money and that’s when I decided to go to the studio to produce my first song called “Don’t Give Up.”  It didn’t go far although they loved it at school and I would sing it for parties and even at church.  I didn’t give up in music I joined a group called “Lucky Stars” where there were 3 of us in the group.  From childhood I dreamed of working on a radio show so I decided to talk with my brother and he said he would support this and gave me the courage to join the University and so I enrolled for Mass Communications.   My friends with Lucky Stars were performing without telling me even though I was the one that was investing the money in getting the first songs that we did produced and those were Bambi and Mr. Money.  In my second year tuition became a problem so I asked my friends to help me with the fees of producing the songs and they decided to go with their personal contacts that could help them without me.  With God all things are possible and I got a piece of metal that was used by big trucks and I was able to get my school fees but I also had asked for help from MOP and they helped me.  When I was in my third year at Lawrence University I decided to make my own crew.  At first I was all alone but when I was invited to a secondary school I saw a young man called Jester  but his real name is Mpagi Jackson singing before me on the stage and he was very good with talent and young.  At the end of the party I called him and asked him if he could join me in my crew and he was very happy.  We were looking for a name for our crew and I had a Facebook friend named Elaine Winters,  I had took her as my Mum because of the care she always showed me.  I told her about my crew and I got the  idea to use her name Winters so I made my crew called the Winters Ent. Crew and we have produced many songs with Jester. Hella, Cindalela, Mami (sang for Mummy Winters), Story of Life, Carolina, Sinyorita, Baby Girl and Kuba Engalo.”  As of yet we have no video and I have finished University although I am working as a football coach for Teresa FC and I have a small store which one of my friends is overlooking for me.  I am still with my brother and volunteering with the Missionaries of the Poor.

ThinkGhMusic-Who is your inspiration?

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West B Denis-I am inspired by a local artist named Eddy Kenzo a super talented artist from Uganda.

ThinkGhMusic-Any tips for musicians trying to make it in today’s music industry?

West B Denis-In the music industry you have to have patience, focus and determination is what I would say to anyone trying to make it in today’s music industry.

ThinkGhMusic-What does this song “Hella” mean to you and why did you write it?

West B Denis-Hella at one time was my girlfriend but she left me for another man that had money so I wrote this song to and about her.

ThinkGhMusic-What can we look forward to in the near future from you?

West B Denis-In the near future I want to start an organization helping talented youths in music and dancing to be able to work towards their dreams and be a mentor for them.

ThinkGhMusic-As a musician, how do you feel giving back to your community who support you is important?

West B Denis-As a musician I would like to help in the fight against drug use in my community by having programs that will teach people about the issues of using drugs.

ThinkGhMusic-Denis I want to thank you for your time and I am so proud of the man you are becoming, always keep your head up and I pray that your quest for success in all that you do is blessed by Our Father…God bless you always!~!

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A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of www.thinkghmusic.com and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine



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A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of www.thinkghmusic.com and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine

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