Exclusive Interview with Vwedz Talking about Family, Inspiration and His Career in Music!~!


TGM-Who is Vwedze and how did you get your beginning in the music industry?

Vwedz-My name is Okpako Vwede Frank with the stage name of Vwedz and I am 22 years old.  I started falling in love with the sounds, the rhyme, and the melodies of the songs I listened to at a very young age.  I found that I could connect to every song I listened to and it made me who I am today by making my own music.

TGM-Where do you come from?

Vwedz-I am from Nigeria, West Africa to be precise.

TGM-Tell me a little about you and your family?

Vwedz-I believe anything is possible, I am from a Catholic family of 7, currently learning the piano at the moment, I have so much passion for music and dance.  I am a daddy’s boy.  I am a graduate of Botany from the University, I am playful. like to have fun and I am kind to people.  I love helping people in any way that I can.  My favorite quote is, “Never a Failure, But Always A Lesson.”  I believe in hard work and I have a dream that one day I will be at the peak of success.

TGM-Who is your inspiration and how do they inspire you?

Vwedz-I am inspired by the environment around me.  I have always loved Chris Brown, Michael Jackson with his moves, R. Kelly, Sade, Wizkid, 2face, Waned Coal, and many more.  I can relate to their songs and I connect in a way that I am learning from the artiste and song that they are singing.  Music is spiritual and if you can feel it you can sing it.

TGM-Any tips for future musicians trying to make it in today’s music industry?

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Vwedz-This is no place for the weak, keep up the good work and hard work always pays off…the sky is never too crowded with stars there is plenty of room for all of us.

TGM-What genre of music do you consider your music?

Vwedz-R&B, Afro Pop and Trap Soul

TGM-What does this song “Bamidele” mean to you and why did you write it?

Vwedz-“Bamidele” is the name which stays with me.  It means so much to me because it was part of my past with the one I loved so much so I wrote it because I wanted to pour out my feelings and let it go.  Am pretty sure there is someone you never want to leave.  I wrote “Bamidele” using Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” keyboard cover for my music for the song.

TGM-What can we look forward to in the near future from you?

Vwedz-So much more from grass to grace!

TGM-As a musician, how do you feel giving back to your community who support you is important?

Vwedz-With my music I can be a voice of and for the community especially for the youths because we are the future and I would show love for being part of my motivation.

TGM-Where do you see yourself in the music industry in 5 years?

Vwedz-I am not a soothsayer but I see myself on another dimension from where I was before, better and greater with my music and with the ability to reach other world wide.

TGM-Thank you for your time Vwedz and I wish you nothing but the best in your quest for success…God bless you always!~!

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Bamidele-Sorry-cover-Vwedz.mp3 (5 downloads)
A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of www.thinkghmusic.com and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine



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A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of www.thinkghmusic.com and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine

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