Exclusive Interview with Mayurdin Talking about Life, Music & Inspirations!~!

TGM-Who is Mayurdin and how did you get your beginning in the music industry?

Mayurdin-I am Amos Sunday Idowu, my stage name is Mayurdin and I got my beginning when at the age of 13 years old I started drumming instrumentals and was inspired by the church to play music.

TGM-Where do you come from?

Mayurdin-I am from Edo State, Nigeria.

TGM-Tell me a little about your family?

Mayurdin-I was born and brought up in the city of Lagos, Nigeria I also studied in Lagos State Polytechnic with a concentration in business study.

TGM-Who is your inspiration and how do they inspire you?

Mayurdin-)I am inspired from the music of  Michael Jackson and Fela Anikulapo.

TGM-Any tips for future musicians trying to make it in today’s music industry?

Mayurdin-First you have to have God in everything you do.

TGM-What genre of music do you consider your music?

Mayurdin-)I consider the music I do to be under the genres of R&B, Afro Hip Hop and I do rap some.

TGM-What does this song mean to you and why did you write it?

Mayurdin-“Dancia” I was inspired when I was in the studio because it was a little different beat.

TGM-What can we look forward to in the near future from you?

Mayurdin-You can look for me to make more goals, have more achievements, better songs recorded, have endorsements and looking for awards for my music.

TGM-As a musician, how do you feel giving back to your community who support you is important?

Mayurdin-I will always give full support to the upcoming artists in the music industry, I will support the motherless homes and last but not least I will never look down on anyone who have supported me throughout my career.

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TGM-Where do you see yourself in the music industry in 5 years?

Mayurdin-I see my self as the best music artist. I also see myself in the highest position amongst the best musicians I see many achievement and elevations in the music industry for myself.

TGM-Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best in your quest for success…God bless you always!~!

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A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine



A proud grandma. Music promoter and analyst. Editor in Chief of and USA correspondent. Follow her on twitter at @winters_elaine

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