Editorial: Four (4) Ghanaian musicians who enjoy bad publicity

As the saying goes, “there is nothing like bad publicity” especially in the world of showbiz. The reason being that the accused can ride on that and remain relevant in the game. Due to the positive aspects of bad publicity, some could go to the extent of fabricating stories just so they are discussed in the media. The craze for traffic by websites also lead to people fuelling issues. But there are times some celebrities are accused wrongly. Either ways, bad news sells.

Here are some musicians who enjoy bad publicity. They see it as a ‘blessing’.

  1. Sarkodie


Huh! BET award winner, Sarkodie is one musician who has come under criticisms over what some describe as ‘poor’ relationship with the media. He has on a number of occasions kept mute over issues involving him. Well, he revealed on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz that he mostly keeps quiet over controversies about him because it boosts his career.

“…You look at the positive side. If they are actually talking about it, you need to calm down and chill. If they don’t talk about it then it means you have a problem. Whether good or bad I just sit down and enjoy it. At least you trend and that can be an opportunity to gain one fan and I wouldn’t miss that because when I come in and talk it might kill everything… but then people that love you are the ones that worry so those are the people that I worry about but not the case that comes up. I think most of the people are worried at home asking ‘oh why are they doing this to Sarkodie?’ I’m actually ok but I think about the people because it is hard for them especially with the family members and fans,” he noted.

  1. Guru
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Guru has been in the news on several occasions for allegedly stealing songs from underground artistes. However, he has on all occasions refused to comment. Why? He likes to be discussed.

“It’s good. You only get people attack you because you are doing well. They will attack you because you are the only one to be attacked. I don’t see nothing wrong with the publicity and the bad side because people mostly want to hear bad stuffs and they encourage bad publicity. I love it because it is really helping me a lot. Giving me the best of opportunity to be discussed on radio, TV. Massa, I want to be discussed. As the same way you don’t want to discuss the good things but for the bad ones you will talk about it because you want to hear which you don’t have a proof… I love it the way it is,” he told Joy News.

  1. R2bees


Did you ever hear that R2bees had stopped working with their ‘favourite’ sound engineer, Killbeatz?  According to Paedae, a member of the group who spoke on YFM, they laughed out loud when they heard the news.

“It is pretty normal for people to report bad about you so when they are talking negative about us, we still keep mute. There is a saying that no news is good news so we just keep our mouths closed. We love it when we see all those news on twitter. We were in London when I saw one story that Killbeatz has left R2bees, I showed it to Mugeez and we laughed about it”.

  1. Shatta Wale
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Here is an empirical evidence that bad news sells! He gained popularity through it and arguably thrives on that. Remember his beef with Charter House? Yeah! He became popular after dissing the event house for ‘denying’ him an award.  Shatta Wale after being in the news often for bad reasons earned money through them. Shatta in November 2014 received GHC 16,000 from MiPromo as money generated from his YouTube videos.

“It’s real… just made 16,000ghc online courtesy MIPROMO. You too can…at least those bad news about shattawale turned into money…lol..?#?moneygangster?“ he tweeted after receiving the money.

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