Common English is “Killing” Ghanaian music stars.

Hiplife Godfather, Reggie Rockstone
Hiplife Godfather, Reggie Rockstone

I know this article will raise a lot of criticisms but I always stand by the truth and believe in principles. It’s sometimes unfortunate to see  highly recommended and renowned Ghanaian stars struggling to make wave on the international music market. This is just because of common sense that is not implemented with the style of music we produce in this country. It’s is absolutely right to promote our locally engineered music but I think this is the time for a total revolution in the music industry.

There are a lot of top Ghanaian stars on the blink of falling in the next two years just because of the common knowledge of making their music appreciable with the blend of foreign stars. Also, Ghanaian stars are sinking because  of poor marketing strategy  and the music lovers who fail to encourage their favourite artists to invent new ideas and style. I sometime feel ashamed when I find myself in Ghanaian clubs, birthdays parties, funerals and other occasions playing Nigerian and European songs. Apart from a little known stars like Gyedu Ambolley, Sarkodie, VIP, D-Black, Becca, Efya, Jay Ghartey and R2bees who are known in Nigeria, then who else? Ghanaians are only interested twi twi twi twi twi twi pop and that’s all.

It’s interesting when Nigerian music enjoy massive airplay in our country while we have lost our place in their country. The answer is simple; REVOLUTION NOW! Why do Nigerian musicians excel on the international market? It’s just their PG English. They sing songs in their own local language but it’s given an international recognition. It’s just because they are able to blend the PG English with their local dialect which even makes the song interesting. Music is about arts and creativity. If a musician lacks creativity, he/she will never excel.

sarkodie and r2bees
sarkodie and r2bees

It’s a shame to see whole BET winner and first Ghanaian artiste acquire twitter verified account, Sarkodie, calls himself fastest rapper with TWI rap. How can he feature Sway with Twi and Davido as well. I personally like Sarkodie and he’s my role model too but like I said at the beginning, I believe in truth and principles. Sarkodie has paved the way and so who follows?

R2bees are also doing well in Nigeria this time. I saw this comment on Youtube by a Nigerian on R2bees latest released “Walahi” video uploaded by Kwamejoetv. He wrote and I quote “I’m Nigerian and I have to say that it’s a shame Ghanaian songs aren’t popular in Nigeria. I love these guys mainly because I sense that they’re very humble and down to earth people. I watched an interview and they won me over from there. Also D-Black. He really made an impression on his “channel O” interview. I went online to look for his music after that. Love my Ghanaian peeps! One Nigeria, One Ghana, One Africa”.


So who caused it? Ghanaians and the Lazy artists who fail to invent new ideas in the industry. Some do not have four sight at all. All the know is shows in Ghana and get some coins. What makes P-Square look better than Sarkodie and R2bees to charge higher show fees more than them? It’s common English. Gyedu Ambolley and Reggie Rockstone paved the way, but the rest refused to pass through and add a few flavour to it. I am not criticizing them because of the language but the control over it and it’s blending with our local dialect like how Paedae spoiled the whole track with that rap.

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So who is bringing the REVOLUTION I am talking about? Is it still Sarkodie, Jay Ghartey, D-Black, Lighter, R2Bees, Chemphe, Becca, Yaw Siki or Fuse ODG?

A journalist, award-nominated blogger, music promoter and analyst, former headteacher, founder of Think Ghana Entertainment Media, owner of, and founder of TGM Awards. I love spending more time with my family! WhatsApp me +233-246-446-047



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A journalist, award-nominated blogger, music promoter and analyst, former headteacher, founder of Think Ghana Entertainment Media, owner of, and founder of TGM Awards. I love spending more time with my family! WhatsApp me +233-246-446-047

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  1. Chau Merta

    We are where we’ve been simply because of our attitude. You bet
    all of us will definately continue being immobile until we
    all embrace trying situations in a different way considering
    that if we all continue doing same situations exactly the same way, we will simply end up backward


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