Anas, what do you want from Ghanaians? Lets ask him some questions for a change!

AnasSeriously, do we have a developmental impact data on any of these many secret exposés on our economy or the institutions involved?Have you wondered why nothing substantial happens to alleged criminals in purported investigative videos?

Lets pause with the questions for now and talk about Anas Amereyaw Anas. Ace Ghanaian investigative journalist who is widely known for using his hidden identity as his main strategy. Done so many stories and has revealed on tape several secretly held crimes winning him many international recognitions.

The big one was when President Obama gave him a ‘shouts out’ in one of his charismatic speeches. Anas is good at what he does and I particularly loves his humanitarian reports. I’ve been a resolute fan till last night, well actually this morning when news of his new work on exposing big time corruption in the judiciary broke out. As I write this post, the guy is yet to release the damning tape because according to him, the contents might have serious repercussions on our democracy and he’s indecisive. To release the video or trash it. Really? Who does that?Mrs-Justice-Georgina-Theodora-Wood-Chief-Justice-of-Ghana

Anyways, he alleged the video is so condemning that many high profiled citizens of Ghana are calling on him to trash the evidence. And I’m like, so they know who you are and they even have your telephone number?? Dude, are you not scared?? Why on earth will you take on a task to expose rots in a country where every leader is perceived corrupt?

To what end and what change have all these brought to us? I really don’t understand why a learned journalist would want to investigate judges allegedly being corrupt in Ghana. Was he expecting not to see corruption in there?

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No I’m not endorsing corruption but we’re in Africa, a continent whose economic performance has been declining drastically in their entire postcolonial years.

I think we are doing pretty well with bad image for Africa and Anas should give us a break. Nobody in Africa can say, they are not aware of corruption by their leaders. Its not news. Anas can go and investigate even people who have single share in their own businesses, no third party, just one ‘man business’. I guarantee that he will get corrupt acts to record. From the church to the fishing areas, Africa is corrupt. We need solutions not mere revelations.

A nosy ghost prowl will definitely reveal a ghost. What else do you expect to find when you go snooping around the quarters of bad salaried judges in an under developed African country?

Why Anas must keep his video and watch it at home.

Simple, we already know. Secondly, it’s not the solution and just like many of his works, I don’t expect much to come out of this.

Anas must decline making public the content of the video because it paints a really bad picture of us as a people. And we already know our problem so its not an exciting brand experience if you ask me. Whether you like it or not, we are in direct competition with the western world and these sort of exposés don’t help much when we want to negotiate external deals.

For instance, any country that possesses such (our) bad materials and want to deal with Ghana will tighten their terms and we (who are always on the begging side) looses in the end. So then I ask again, what good are all those damning videos going to bring mother Ghana? It’s just messing up our brand internationally.

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But seriously, this issue is absolutely #noneOfMyBusiness.



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  1. Wisdom Brown

    It is true you have express your view but I don’t really agree with you. let me first deal with the international reputation you wrote about. the truth is, our reputation is already destroyed not by Anas but by people who are suppose make it shine. the world is now looking at what we are doing to clean up our reputation. exposing the rot and shaming the people involved is a start of the cleansing process. if the international community gets to know that, Journalist are ready to go to the extent of exposing this rot with evidence, it will force the people responsible to act and not just talk.
    secondly, the fact that nothing is being done about it is not also an excuse to keep quite. when the public gets to know the people behind our woes, that is when we can demand that the right thing be done. it is left to us the people to demand accountability from our leaders and impress upon them to punish the wrong doers.

    Yes we know that there was corruption in the judicial system but could you mention any person who was corrupt till now? Now we have culprits and how we deal with them will determine the signal it sends to others with the same motive. those exposed must be punished to serve as deterrent for those who are also in the same act. we should not just throw our hands in the air and give up just because nothing has been done in the past. if we are worried about begging from outside and getting tougher deals, then we will get all the money we want at less tougher deals but will be squandered by greedy people and we will end up paying for what we did not get any benefit from.

    Lastly, you spoke about the little someone has done to bring corruption to the open with evidence and you say he should provide solutions but you never gave one yourself. Before you write articles about people’s work try to bring out some solutions yourself before you ask others for one.

    Have a blessed day.


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